Bodywork Blog Episode Alpha 4: Waddaya Need?

Bodywork Blog Episode Alpha 4: Waddaya Need?

Since I joined Tribe Networking in the Fall of 2021 my ability to run a successful business has blossomed. If you don’t know what networking is, here’s the short and long of it: You join a group of other businesses who get together regularly to help you connect with the clients you are best at serving.There are variations, of course, but that’s the jist: intentional word of mouth.

Anyway, as much as I love being on the computer I absolutely cannot get digital marketing to work for me. Almost every single client is through networking. Meeting people, getting to know them, listening to what they love and what they struggle with. Helping them find what they need.

In this way, and through some other practices I have (FREE mental-development meditation classes on most Sunday’s, 6pm, I’ve been able to simplify my job down to one phrase:

What do you need?

With this phrase I instantly put aside what I want and am able to be of the most help. Whether that’s just listening, setting up an appointment for a massage, meditating, dancing, hanging with my friends, getting tedious paperwork done… There is always a deep and important something for which there is a someone that can help. Even if that person is actually ourselves and we all we need to do is ask.

So, if you find yourself answering that question with massage therapy or meditation, please feel free to reach out!

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we are all in this together!

Book now at or Call/Text 720-295-8131.

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