Bodywork Blog Episode Negative IV: For Science!

Bodywork Blog Episode Negative IV: For Science!

So, I took on the challenge of loosing weight this year. Not much, just 25 lbs…

Boy, turning this eating and sitting machine around would turn a dime into a flat, inconsequential and valueless piece of metal!

And that’s ok. 🙂 Whatever the comfort phrase (“How do you eat an elephant? Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know… One foot in front of the other! It’s not the destination.”), for me the Attitude has been the most important part.

Here’s an experiment for you: set a goal that, for the minimum of one week, smile at everything that happens. Before going to bed at night, make the determination that you are going to wake up happy and smiling. When you wake up, do the same for your day. Smile at your breakfast, your partner and family, people on the way to work or store or school or wherever you are going. At the person who just yelled at you, and the barista looking depressed. At your dog who just threw up on the carpet. No matter what happens, smile

After one week, look back at how you FEEL about how things went. 🙂

And if you need some help, delivery of out of world, smile making bodywork is available to you! At your house and office.

And remember, I’m pulling for your; we are all in this together!

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