Bodywork Blog Episode XII: Determined

I used to hate those posters that said ridiculous things like “You can do anything you put your mind to” or “Achievement is possible with hard work and determination” or “When you wish upon a star…” It was never the doing or the work or the goal for me, but the hidden implication:

You don’t need help to do what you want to do.

Asking for help has been one of my major hangups, probably even before I stopped paying attention to motivational posters. You could even say that because some part of me knew I would have to ask for help in most things, I actively chose life projects that were manageable by myself.

Yet I still had to ask for help.

So today I would encourage you to recognize that while we may all want to be (or are encouraged to be) the lone gunman, the Doctor Strange and the singular island it is always easier if we don’t have to also make our own bullets, that we are always better with a Christine in our lives and if you look really closely all the island is is a section of the ocean floor that’s above the water.

And when you take on the determination to do something, you will encounter the one thing that always is getting in the way: yourself. That’s ok! Just ask what is needed now in order to keep your determination going and go do that.

It might be as complicated as getting those health tests done and as simple as getting a massage. 😛

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together. 🙂 ~Cori

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