Bodywork Blog Episode XIV: The Extremes

Bodywork Blog Episode XIV: The Extremes

I did a discount day for Craniosacral Therapy (CS) and Somatoemotional Release (SER) this last month to great success, but I often still get the question of “What good will they do for me?”

Let me pose you a question: What would happen if you just let things be for an hour or so?

We are constantly sorting our mental and physical experiences, shoving them away when we don’t want them and leaping toward them when we do. CS and its natural extension SER help the mind and body relax out of the sorting state, allowing them to become what they are: a natural flow.

How can the mind flow without me pushing it forward, though? That’s the ticket: when there’s nothing for a person to do, then all that’s left to do is relax and…fall asleep!

And while they rest during a CS session, the loosening up the fascia around their brain and spine increases the flow of cranial fluid throughout their system, supplying more nutrients to their nerves and more power to their mind. This plants the seeds for a more relaxed body and emotional state later on.

But sometimes there’s something in the way, something that needs to be expressed. Maybe it’s too weird, like a message from a higher something-or-another. Perhaps it’s pent up frustration around an injury or past trauma. Or a deep need to really say something that was never said, or ever should be said.

That’s the magic of an SER session! Your facilitator, ie The Wizard, makes the table a safe place for your inner adventure to come out and be heard. No judgement is passed, no where is too weird; you can see for yourself yourself as it needs to be seen and let it be as it is. In that, self-confidence and peace are found.

To sum up, both a Craniosacral and Somatoemotional session therapeutically allow you to safely, if temporarily, co-exist with yourself. In that you find peace and acceptance for the wacky being that you actually are and help shed the restrictions and limits you suffered through before.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together!

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