Bodywork Blog Episode XVIII: Complicated

I’ve some great news for you! When you get overwhelmed and your life seems too complicated, just remember that you cannot handle more than one thing completely at a time. Your mind is just attempting the impossible: to do everything all at once!

Smile, you goofus! Of course you can’t, but more importantly: you don’t have to. Truly complicated things are ALWAYS a long series of things that you have not done or do not want to do yet. A series, ie something that leads to another thing that leads to another thing that….

Massage, for example, is complicated. I have to listen to what the client is saying, how they are moving, what they say and don’t say, what they write down on the intake. Then using that as a start I work with their body, in pieces and in whole. I check in to make sure they are comfortable and if I need to change things. Then we do payments, rescheduling and I head out.

Some things can be rearranged, but all of these pieces had to be handled, you guessed it, one at a time. Always. And many things are entirely out of my hands, such as traffic getting there, space to setup in and whether the client forgets about that bruise they got in tennis yesterday. 😛

That, in a nut shell, is how things work! Yay!

Don’t forget, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.  ~Cori

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