Bodywork Blog Episode XVIIII: Keep Going!

Whether a person has an excellent self care routine or not, it has always fascinated me how incredible it is for things to still keep going. Despite major discomforts the human (and arguably every other kind of) mind and body just keep going. Even leaving this adventure for the next is…ta da something that happens next!

So in my travels the question seems to come down to what kind of experience I want. If I don’t have the ability to say anything about the where or when of certain major life events, do I want to spend my time anxious, fearful and in many other forms of discomfort until then? If the universe isn’t quite that dependent upon what I think of it, is it worth it to spend my time fighting it?

When we experience something we don’t want or run into something we do want the first thing that happens is that our mind and body tighten around that experience. As a massage therapist, I work with bodies (including my own) who have spent a lot of time trying to squeeze the discomfort and pain away and escape to a place of relaxation….by tightening up.

If this sounds familiar and you’d like to change it then stay where you are and give me a call! Delivery of out of this world bodywork, the start of a relaxed and relieved lifestyle, is available to you! At your house and office. 🙂

And remember, I’m pulling for your; we are all in this together!

Book now at or Call/Text 720-295-8131.

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