Is Now the Time to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

You know how you hear stories of Bitcoin millionaires getting in early? Well, you have that opportunity. You are still early! Think of how many people you know who still have not invested in the crypto market—now think globally!

Plus, at the time of this posting in September 2022, the crypto market is down 75-90%. So, your timing is most likely good!

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization is still under $2 Trillion. To put that in perspective, the largest market, foreign exchange currency (FOREX) trades about $6 trillion daily, global equities exceed $100 trillion, and global real estate exceeds $300 trillion in value.

What do you think will happen when there is a transfer of wealth from those sectors to cryptocurrency?

My name is Charlie Stivers, and I know I can help you get started in your crypto journey quickly, safely, and confidently to potentially make life-changing profits. As a previous financial professional for 17 years, I got serious about crypto at the beginning of COVID lockdowns in March 2020 and bought my first Bitcoin and Ethereum. I focused and hired a mentor to learn from their mistakes and successes. I also invested my capital and my free time to learn and participate in everything crypto. I have made a bunch and lost some, too.

I quickly discovered chasing the next 10X or 100X coin is very challenging and time-consuming. Then I came across DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, and the chance to earn daily passive income, get loans, and better yields. This disruption is what the banks, insurance companies, and governments are all preparing for.

This has been a life-changing experience for me, and I can show you how it can be for you, too.

Cryptocurrency is an exciting sector full of ups and downs, endless risks, and potentially exponential rewards. It’s a diverse, global market attracting new users every day. The crypto market is growing at twice the growth rate of the Internet in the 1990s and 2000s.

Now is your chance to seize the opportunity that cryptocurrency and digital assets give you.

The number one question asked, “What gives crypto its value?” is simply put—Massive networks of users create cryptocurrency value called the “Network Effect”. Just like Google or Facebook, their foundational value comes from their huge user base. In the decentralized, digital economy, the difference is we, the users, are the ones getting rewarded for owning our piece of the network, not centralized corporations that are driven to increase profits for their shareholders.

Blockchain is attracting businesses and governments as financial technology (FinTech) and data scalability evolve. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are allowing artists to finally get paid for their talent. Music NFTs are gaining momentum quickly. Corporations are adopting NFTs for marketing to extend their brand. The metaverse will wrap these all together in a user experience (UX) where people will use it daily. This will create more utility for users and a huge transfer of wealth over the coming years which is all part of what many call, Web3 or the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). 

Opportunities for growth in networks are something you can profit from and get life-changing results. People make the biggest profits by being early investors in the cutting edge of future technologies. Investing while assets are at a deep discount is another strategy that creates enormous wealth.

We all face different financial challenges. Now imagine the US Dollar becoming more unstable and savers fearing its continued loss of value. This was and is the reality for people living in emerging, third-world countries. People, and now governments, were forced to search for alternatives to their unstable currency. Bitcoin and other digital assets have been an important solution for millions to continue to conduct commerce with some normalcy.

There are movements throughout history where we have seen the creation of millionaires and enormous wealth. The decentralized movement within new networks is filled with people like us. This user base will create mass adoption of digital assets. This is our chance, as people, to take back control and the true freedom that we desire and deserve.

I truly want this to be your wake-up call—It is time to begin your journey into digital assets.

Get Started in Cryptocurrency or Get Left Behind!

The decentralized movement is not just about the money and the chance for enormous profits. It is truly about an opportunity for freedom and self-reliance.

There are many narratives and reasons you should start diversifying to digital assets. Making money is almost the default if you do it the right way, spend hours researching, and avoid mistakes.

The challenge is—there is so much info out there. It’s overwhelming!

Did you know there are over 19,000 different coins and tokens now?

Over 10’s of thousands of NFTs?

Doesn’t it make sense that, just like in the real business world, 90% of these crypto projects will fail?

Understand this risk versus reward concept—asymmetric returns. The upside potential is far greater than the downside risk. If you took the risk and invested $500-1000 in one project and lost it all, you would be able to pay your bills. Yes, it would be awful to lose it; on the other hand, if it 10X’ed or 100X’ed your investment you would be very happy. Either scenario is very possible.

Let’s all learn together, make great returns converting some of our fiat dollars into digital assets, and do amazing things with our lives. 

Cryptocurrency can give you the opportunity to:

  • Diversify Your Portfolio
  • Catch up on Retirement
  • Create Passive Income
  • Get out of Debt
  • Give to and bless others
  • Create Wealth Quicker with Less Money…
  • All with less risk if you do it the right way.

Within our crypto community, Cryptocurrency For The People, we have developed a system for learning quickly and absorbing the information needed to get you into the crypto game with less risk.  

If you see the potential of cryptocurrency and digital assets changing your life, we know we can help you get started and help you get the results you are wanting.

We offer weekly free content and personalized assistance.

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