Feed The Fam

About Feed The Fam

Find Free Fun’s Feed the Fam was started in 2017 when Find Free Fun was created through Denver Free Fun. Feed the Fam is our charity organization supporting homeless and in-crisis teens and their families. It was created after Find Free Fun owner, Kristina Corcoran’s son struggled in high school with addiction. Many of his friends found themselves homeless during this time due to their active addiction and were living in cars and couch surfing while trying to complete high school.

She took her son to multiple mental health clinics during this time and was turned away repeatedly without being told that many of the issues were due to a drug problem due to Colorado’s laws that prevent providers talking to parents after children turn 13 years old. She ended up taking in several of his friends as well trying to help these kids. At this time she realized how few resources there were for parents, but realized these kids needed stability and help in order to finish school and break the cycle they were in while staying out of a system not designed to let them succeed.

When her son received a Minor in Possession of Pot ticket, it snowballed quickly and they experienced a system bent on punishment not rehabilitation. Fortunately, she managed to get her son into a treatment facility where he spent three months in treatment successfully. The other kids she took in also managed to finish high school and build careers due to her tireless efforts, many also seeking treatment for drug addiction.

During this time, the system worked against her and the legal system was stacked against these kids succeeding. She was deemed a “bad mom” by other parents, received no extra support for the additional kids she took in and struggled to keep her own son out of the system.

During her son’s stint in rehab, a counselor asked how she was doing and she began to go on about how proud she was of how her son was doing and she was so glad that he had made this choice. The counselor stopped her and asked how she was doing, and she burst into tears as no one had bothered to ask.

After these experiences, Feed the Fam was created to help this underserved population and it is continuing to grow offering resources, a school supply drive and a holiday gift drive each year. We also work with parents to provide them with resources and support to keep these kids in their homes while they recover.

The hope is to grow to the point where we can help pay for drug treatment programs, mental health programs, scholarships and even offer group homes where the kids can come to get well in a safe environment. We have worked with several other groups over time to ensure that these kids get the chances that they deserve.

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