Food allergies, more than skin deep

Have you ever wondered if you have a food allergy? Actually most people have a food allergy and don’t know it. I am not talking about an allergy like some have to peanuts which can cause an anaphylactic reaction which can be deadly and happen very quickly. This type of reaction is an IgE reaction, the allergies I am speaking about are IgG reactions. IgG reactions cause inflammation over the course of 20-30 days after exposure and you need to do a blood test to identify these allergies.

IgG reactions you don’t notice immediately but these reactions can cause rashes, brain fog, constipation, diarrhea, joint pain, headaches, migraines, anxiety and eczema to name a few common issues.  Once these allergies are identified it becomes much easier to heal your body since you will know which foods to avoid and which ones to enjoy. How do you get a food allergy test you may be wondering?

There are several options out there but you want to get a blood test, not a skin prick test or saliva test. The type of blood test you get matters too. There are 4 different IgG reactions to test in the blood. To get tested thoroughly you need all 4 tested and very few lab companies actually test all 4.  The company we use is called ImmunoLabs, they test all 4 IgG reactions and will do other types of allergy testing when needed. Where can you get a food allergy test?

The Wellness Way is a clinic that offers these thugough allergy tests and can also give you recommendations on how to heal your digestive tract.  There could also be issues with yeast overgrowth, bad bacteria, viruses or even parasites that can cause some of these symptoms too and they are not only related to a food allergy.  Get tested effectively and don’t guess!

Isaac A. Mooberry, DC

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