GOO$E Magazine Launched to Help People with Cryptocurrency

GOO$E Magazine Launched to Help People with Cryptocurrency

Are you crypto-curious and wondering where this is all headed? Is it too scary for you to get started? We can help you!

First, keep it simple and think of cryptocurrency as the evolution of the Internet, or Web3. Bitcoin and other coins will be the currency of the Internet. Web3 is a decentralized network full of users like you, who discover that crypto and blockchain are another way to do business, conduct commerce, and share information with each other. This network of users is what gives crypto or any digital network its fundamental value, just like Facebook or Google. Without a network of users, they would not be in business.

We created Goose magazine for wealth-minded individuals, business owners, investors, and asset managers who want to discover sustainable income sources and profit centers. GOO$E content is full of stories about emerging leaders and innovative companies and projects which will lead us to potentially profitable ideas.

We will also feature high-value content about getting started in cryptocurrency the right way – safety, law, taxes, wealth mindset, and strategies.

Safety and security are the first priorities. Make sure you have someone help you or do your research on how to do it right the first time.

TIP: Use exchanges to onboard your dollars, buy some good coins and tokens, then transfer to a secure wallet that you control. Now you have custody of your digital assets. Remember your passphrase and never share it with anyone else.


Subscribe to GOO$E Magazine today for FREE and stay in the loop with relevant information. We will publish 8 times a year, both physical and digital editions. Currently, digital subscriptions are the only free option with no paywall. 

Just like in the real business world, 90% of crypto companies will fail and there are over 21,000 different coins. That is scary to think.

If you find the right companies, we should all benefit together in the years to come. There will be the next Microsoft, Apple, Google, or Amazon that will emerge in the blockchain or metaverse. What is different is this evolution, Web3, we as users get to own a piece of the network and get rewarded for helping the community grow.

There are strategies and criteria that we look for to help with fundamental analysis. We strive to narrow down the companies and ideas to make our crypto journey more successful for all of us.

Reach out to us if you need help!

Coming soon we will be launching a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a treasury full of crypto that we can all share in the rewards together! Details will be rolled out in a compliant way to make sure we are following strict US regulations.

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Twitter: @GooseMagHQ



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