How do you get an effective hormone test from your doctor?

Just ask. I know it is not the standard of care to measure all of the estrogens, which can feel frustrating when things feel off and you want to find out why. But it is very important to have all 10 estrogens checked; you need to check both your blood and urine levels. This should be done between days 19-21 of your cycle ladies. If you are in menopause the timing does not matter, but doing them both on the same day is ideal.

When you sit down with your doctor and have a discussion, say, “Listen, Doc, I know we could measure estradiol which is one of the estrogens, but I would like to get all of them tested. Because all of them can contribute to a person’s health and well being and if they are abnormal they can contribute to problems.” First by asking them to get these done they will probably do it by checking your blood and they will probably do that one right away. But you also need to get the DUTCH test which is checking your body’s ability to get rid of hormones/metabolites through your urine which is crucial. There are other forms of urine hormone testing out there but the DUTCH is our favorite. Hormones are often not the problem; rather it is their metabolites that wreak havoc on your body when they are out of balance or backing up without a way to exit the body.

If your doctor says no, then you need to find a way to get these tests on your own. The Wellness Way is one location where you can get these tests done for yourself. These two tests can show you if you are at risk for cancer or depression and other health challenges. Don’t let your doctor be the barrier keeping you from knowing how your body is working. A lot of good doctors will say yes when you ask, but if they don’t, find a way to get these tests done!

There are a number of different stresses that can impact your hormones through thoughts, toxins and traumas. These 2 tests will get you the information you need to understand how your body is working. It will reveal any issues that may contribute to conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, breast cancer, sleep challenges, fatigue, PMS, irregular periods, hot flashes, fertility challenges, acne, facial hair and more. The key is to discover how your body is working, as it is very similar to a Swiss watch, where if there are issues with one gear it will impact all of the other gears and systems in your body. Once you know how your body is functioning through these tests you can find ways to support your body’s natural biology and improve its function.  

Find hope by testing effectively!

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