Pens 101

Pens can be a simple and cost-effective way to promote a business because you can buy so many for a smaller investment. Pens are small and easy to carry around/hand out which makes them perfect for a simple giveaway item. They are also an item that most people use on a regular basis even with all the tech out there! Pens are here to stay!

Here are a few things to consider : )

Quality: The pen should be well-made and durable. You want something that people will use and not just throw away. Cheap pens have their place, but you won’t create a memorable impression with a cheap pen.

Customization: Think about how your logo will appear on the pen and what key information you want to include. The pen should have clear and consistent branding, ensuring that the logo or message on the pen is easily recognizable. You can use a pen almost like a business card!

Functionality: The pen should be comfortable to use and write smoothly so that recipients will want to use it. Everyone has their own preference on this though – whether gel style or ballpoint style you just want it to work well.

Clearance: Do NOT buy a pen on clearance! Most ink has a shelf life of 2 years and if you buy a pen on clearance just remember that you get what you pay for!

Let’s chat about what pen will be right for you!

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