We are excited to publish our Market Insights for June 2023! Please, use the link below to access our latest report:Blue Pebble Market Insights (June 2023)

For those who just want “The Skim:”

1.   The Chase is On
2.   Demand: New Normal Setting In
3.   Supply: Still Nada
 Denver is approaching the height of its summer buying season, and volume is still not picking up. Thank you, “High Plateau.” Colorado (and the broader country) is facing a massive problem in that a generation of homeowners is now locked into their homes at extremely low mortgage rates, and the generation trying to form households can’t afford to buy what’s on the market. To make it worse, the inflation problem is still creating issues for the Fed which means mortgage rates aren’t likely to go down anytime soon. Following Jerome Powell’s press conference on June 14th, it seems more likely higher borrowing costs will persist across the curve for longer than people are expecting. This month’s discussion will focus on the current macroeconomic picture and its impact on Denver’s housing market. 
— Jared, Founder & Owner, Blue Pebble Group
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