The Affordability Quandary

The Affordability Quandary
We are excited to publish our Market Insights for August 2023! Please, use the link below to access our latest report:Blue Pebble Market Insights (August 2023)

For those who just want “The Skim:”

1.   Homes are officially expensive. 
2.   Demand: It’s just the comps.
3.   Supply: Gone, again
 If the Fed is going to pause, why are long-term interest rates going up? Last month, Chairman Powell hinted that the Fed will be much more cautious as it evaluates future rate hikes, and one would have expected long-term interest rates to start going down after that news—but the opposite happened. Since the July announcement, 10-year interest rates are up by nearly 0.50%, and that doesn’t help the average consumer much. Even more interesting is that home prices haven’t moved lower yet, and that’s creating a major housing affordability issue across the country. In this Market Insights article, we will dive deeper into the affordability quandary with a discussion of proprietary analysis on housing affordability. Here’s a sneak peek: the only times in the last 40 years when homes have been this expensive were 1987-1990 and 2006-2007…

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