The Bodywork Blog Episode 14: How to Get a Great Massage…And keep it!

The Bodywork Blog Episode 14: How to Get a Great Massage…And keep it!

OK, that’s a shameless plug:

The more important point I want to make this month concerns practice. Or more specifically, being aware of what you practice!

Very few of us can afford to get a massage, acupuncture, therapy and any other self-care treatments on a daily, let alone weekly or monthly, basis. Of course, if you know somebody, please feel free to pass on my information!

If we could, however, it would be a marvelous existence, no? Relaxed, happy, probably even pretty care free.

But back in reality (where truthfully you can receive too much self care), no matter how frequently we get therapy of any kind it always…fades out. Even with the awesome convenience of getting a massage delivered to your house* where, afterwards, you can continue the rest and relaxation in peace (relative to traffic), eventually we remember to cook dinner, take the dog for a walk, pick up the kids, watch a few episode of the trending show on HuFlix, ad nasium. Inevitably our life creeps back into our body and then (by magic**) The Wizard is on call again!

How do you extend the peace, relaxation and calm? How do you continue the stretched and loose limbs?


Don’t let anybody fool you; there are no shortcuts. I would have never learned to ride a bicycle if all I’d done is read books, watched The Cycling Channel (this has to be a thing) and talked with other people about ‘cycling; my Dad put a helmet on me, some training wheels on the bike and as often as we could make it happen I was up and down the driveway just trying to figure it out.

This goes for everything, with a key difference; you have to be able to recognize peace as peace, relaxed as relaxed and calm as calm. You have to stretch such that your body is stretched and loosen your limbs such that they are loose.

And once again, if this still feels confusing, overwhelming or just plain silly The Wizard*** is available with not one, but two excellent answers:

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we are ALL in this together. 🙂

Shameless Plug #4: 720-664-7934 or book online at

* Shameless plug number 2

** Shameless plug number 3

Cori T Barker



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