The Bodywork Blog Episode 22: Supporting Invisible Disabilities

The Bodywork Blog Episode 22: Supporting Invisible Disabilities

So let’s just posit that every day life is stressful in America. Agreed? Check. That much worse, of course, if we are not healthy no? And on top of it all, if we find ourselves with a physiology that is, to be generous, not in its own favor.

There are many invisible disabilities similar to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; ways in which the body has decided that it itself is needing to be immunized from and is thus in a constant battle to stay alive and, well, to not be. This and then ordinary American life.

Thankfully there is massive support in the medical industry for at least helping EDS sufferers cope with the challenge of just being alive! And then there is also Craniosacral Therapy. 🙂

Now, just a little research brings up concerns with the more “enthusiastic” techniques (stillpoint induction; inferior and superior traction of the dural tube; the platform step of occipital base release; and intentional cranial compression) that a CS Therapist (ie, yours truly) would use:

But with proper diagnosis of a client, great communication and loving and kind patience an excellent therapy routine can be implemented.

Oh, and did I mention the smile?

Because CS directly affects the central nervous system (CNS), the WHOLE body relaxes. And just like everyone, when the mind and body are not fighting each other to hold everything together, everything settle better into place.

In my experience, several of my connective tissuely challenged clients have found great relief from the generous application of Craniosacral Therapy. Often, but not always, a more relaxed CNS connects the ligaments back to the rest of the body, which seems to then more easily and successfully hold the body together. In peace!

And then they also smile. 🙂 Give your body an opportunity for joy again, give me a call or book online today!

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we are all in this together:

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