The Bodywork Blog Episode 4B: It’s a Trap!

If you reside on the frontrange in Colorado, you are familiar with the False Spring phenomena: 20-30 degrees F, then 60-80 the next day. 😛

It makes for a very exciting time for construction, road maintenance and which set of tires you need to wear today.

But what about your body? According to Time magazing, when it gets cold some major changes happen, like the blood vessels recede further into the body and the development of brown fat. That and we drink hotter liquids, put on more clothes, turn the thermostat up…

But when we are ready for 50 or below, 70 becomes hot! So this winter, with it’s chaotic temperature swings be sure to get the aches and pains of these wild swings handled with an out of this world at-home massage!

So no matter what temperature it is, you always come off the table warm, happy and relaxed!

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we are all in this together!

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