Think of us as a Double Coupon-We Provide Great Value!

Think of us as a Double Coupon-We Provide Great Value!

As small business owners feeling the effects of inflation-we know what you might be thinking-to pull back on your marketing. However, we don’t want you to feel that way and so I’m going to tell you the top 5 ways that we will add value to your pocketbook. 

During these times, we will strive to be your source of added value. Here are the ways that we will do that: 

  1. Share your printed materials (with your permission) on social media giving you free exposure and free advertising: We have Google My Business, Instagram: and Facebook: .  We love giving shoutouts to our peers and sharing the amazing things that you do. 
  2. Connect you to other businesses or new clients: We love to see who we might know that will benefit your business or maybe even be a good partner for you. We are members of Tribe Networking, but most of our clients are small businesses too. We might just have the perfect person to get to know. 
  3. Offer space for pop-ups, networking, and workshops: Our store is 5,000 square feet. And, only 50% of that is utilized for our business.  Right now, as a family-we are using our blood, sweat and tears to create some beautiful spaces that our clients can use for a variety of purposes. We just held our first pop-up last week and it allowed businesses without a brick and mortar location to network and to share their goods with others. 
  4. Great turnaround time! You may learn of an opportunity to share your company’s mission with others, but you just didn’t get enough time to put something together. It’s possible in many instances-that we can get your printed materials for you by that due date. 
  5. Help you cut costs by communicating with you: A perfect example of this is a customer that we had just this past week. They were sweating bullets about the cost of color copies for an upcoming conference. By asking them if they were open to printing only the cover of their handout in color and the rest in black and white-we saved them $600. 

To sum up, these are added values that you aren’t going to get with on-line printers. We will do our best to show you that we are a better value for your dollar. You can reach us at:, 303-751-5007, or email me directly at

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